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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Engagement Checklist & Preliminary Budget

Recently, i had sent few emails to wedding decorator, makeup artist and etc. Seems like it was beyond my budget or maybe i didn't aware about this..? hmm...

Checklist for my engagement including preliminary budget planning.

- Engagement dress : Lace done, Hunt for lining & chiffon. Plan to send to dzull classique. rm250 for tailoring i guess.
- Engagement tudung : shawl inspired by ika Radiusite. Looking for less rm100.
- Engagement veil : No idea, borrow or dzull can make it from my balance fabric.
- Engagement shoe: No idea, borrow or buy the cheapest one but need to choose the one that suit for me to wear in next occasion.
- Engagement Accessories: Borrow. I guess inclusive in the package with makeup artist rite?
- Make up: Most of them range from RM400 ++. OMG..out of budget la. This is only engagement dear.
- Mini pelamin/dais : RM 500 including makeup. Found the package at azzalynn blog
- Hand bouquet : Range from RM150 - RM200
- Hantaran: For 7 trays, ranging from RM35-RM50 per tray. The more fresh flower you use the more expensive.
- Catering : For 50 pax, i guess RM600 enough.
- Mini canopy: No idea, maybe can get RM100 from local uncle here.
- Door Gift: Planning for brown paper bags with muffin. Muffin by my mum. RM100 maybe.

I want to cry bebeh looking at this budget...sob..sek... I know i can reduce it, mix or match with certain package but..huargh..... oh not to forget. The photographer. Looking for my former primary school fren. He's doing great job. Need to message him after this.

The engagement will be in early April. So i have, another 2 x salary to cater this. Oh.. no shopping, no movie, no hang out and no..no..no..(no more trying new product you beauty junkie)

Engagement Dress inspired by Rozita Che Wan

Saturday, January 29, 2011

KIBA application by Setel Kahwin

I saw an ads about setel kahwin. There, you can find the most easy app for your wedding checklist called KIBA (Kahwin Ikut Bajet Aku).

I just registered with the hope that this app really can help reduce my stress about the wedding preparation. Yes, i have to admit that i'm in stress situation. See my status after registered with KIBA.

What, make it so easy is that, upon registered your planned date of your wedding, the system directly list all the task required month by month before your actual wedding date. Easy rite, huh?! See, i've now have 56 task to complete! FIFTY SIX okay!

Let see, the no 1 list.

Let see, the final task the no 56.

See. They list out everything within a second after you registered your wedding date. 

This is 1/3 apps after you register with KIBA. The above checklist was under SENARAI SEMAK.

Under BELANJAWAN, you can list all your budget for your dream wedding. It also provide the payment deadline so that you will be notify on your payment. Whilst, under KIBA, you can advertise your requirement including your budget. It will then, being advertise among vendors. The vendors than, will promote their service. So please make sure your hand phone number i s correct. 

Yeah, at the moment i'm looking for a taylor or fashion designer for my engagement attire. I do have the 4m tiffany blue lace. I basically don't have any idea on what design should it be.  I hope it can help me. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP....!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wedding Checklist

Zass.. I like the wedding checklist provided by Syokkahwin. You can print the excel sheet and list down all the supertiny things for your wedding. So at least i can easy to cut down whatever unnecessary things for budgeting purposes. Yeah, i need to plan wisely.

Besides, theres a lot of B2B blogger who shares their checklist. I need to study , mix and match with my own situation and off course to suit my BUDGET. Sigh. The money flows like whateheck T_T. (Anyone like to sponsor? email to msbeautybimbo[at]gmail[dot]com. Hellooo..Bajet artist ka dek non?!

Former & Current B2B Checklist for my reference:
The Bridezilla
My Square Cut Ring
Luv Being Me

Opps...later i will continue. My friend need help plak:-). Saja je dia tau!


Oh My ...Oh My... Its been ages. Okay!

January is selling moving fast and look at my blog!

I think its time for me to sing that incy wincy spider climb beautybimbo blog. haha.

Yes, this blog is a platform for me to share my experience with any beauty or healthy products. But now, i'm in a midst to drop by (i guess) - for a little while change this blog into a B2B blog. Yeah, i'm a B2B rite now.
I really need that superdiva bridezilla advise at this time. Gosh...everyday i feel breathless thinking about the wedding. Inhale...Exhale...Prooootttttttt.....

photo credits to fineartamerica

First TaskLink all the pages related to B2B. (the ultimate i FOLLOW mission *wink*)
Second Task - Check...checkit out bebeh . The checklist! (Thinking of getting personal advisor - elele..artis ke dik non?)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Saya nak DETOX FOOT PAD dari HAZMANFADZIL.COM (Me Want! Want!)

While walking on the blog.. (What the heck is that?)..hehe..i mean.. while blogwalking i found this website -->> http://hazmanfadzil.com.

Oh my god...!! The owner is so generous today (today only..haha). He want to give a free Detox Foot Pad to the first fifty fluffy ferempuan blogger.Ahaks..

Here's how.
1. Go to this permalink  first - Off Course!
2. Write a special entry about "Saya nak DETOX FOOT PAD dari HAZMANFADZIL.COM"
3. Post the link of your entry in the owners comment (NOT DOWN HERE!). – Or else owner don’t know that you really want the free detox.
4. Smile and wait for the result! haha..


What make me really want the free detox is off course TO DETOX MY BODY.
I never try any foot patch (except plaster and koyok) and lately I noticed that I’ve no mood to work, less energy, sleepy, headache and bla..bla..bla.. So Mr. Generous Hazman….Please..I beg you….I want that free detox please.. (Uh! Sounds like desperado).
Did you know that when you cry you are detoxifying your heart..?
Ok..Don’t forget to submit your entry yeah!

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